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Sidi shoes & mystery cleat system... I'm a moron.(2 posts)

Sidi shoes & mystery cleat system... I'm a moron.floatch
Aug 19, 2001 5:48 PM
Hi everyone... I am new to this roadie stuff, and bought a pair of sidi shoes at the thrift store for two bucks. They're silver, with a cool tension system on top for tightening. These shoes rule, and I can't believe they're as new as they are. Anyway, I'm a mountain bike guy mostly, so I don't know what kind of pedals for my new road bike I need to get that these shoes are compatible with. They have four holes in the bottom, in a diamond pattern. The holes are about two inches apart, and are threaded. This is for what type of pedal? Can somebody please help me out without setting me on fire? Thanks a bunch folks!
re: Sidi shoes & mystery cleat system... I'm a moron.JohnG
Aug 19, 2001 6:59 PM
Sounds like you got a great deal on the shoes.

You need the adapter plates which come in different flavors depending on what type of cleat/pedal you will be using. There are LOOK and SPD adapters (maybe more). If you are an MTB guy I'd suggest a single sided SPD style pedal as a good starting point. They are generally very light and you obviously know how to use them. Warning, the Sidi SPD adapter plates are very "slippery" to walk on. I tried and didn't like em at all. The LOOK cleats have a little rubber bumper on the bottom which make them a little more secure feeling to walk on.

Check any of the big online vendors for details on the adapters and pedals.

good luck