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FYI: Campy C10 12-23 cassette build #'s(1 post)

FYI: Campy C10 12-23 cassette build #'sJohnG
Aug 19, 2001 1:12 PM
I know this has been talked about before but I thought I'd give you my build #'s for a custom 12-23 C10 MK2 cassette.

I started with a 12-25 C10 MK2 cassette. Then, I bought a 21-23 C10 MK2 cog pair, and an 18, and 19 C9 cog, and 6 ea C9 'amber' spacers. All parts were bought at The 18 and 19 cogs actually measured the same thickness (or very nearly so) as the C10 cogs.... that was a bit surprising.

You have to "machine" down the amber spacers as follows:
spacers between the 19 and 21-23: 3.22mm
spacer between the 18 and 19 cog: 2.43mm need only one spacer
spacers between the 16-17 and 18: 4.18mm

Note: you have to notch the 4.18mm spacers to clear the rivit bulges in the 16-17 cog pair.

I just used a set of feeler gauges to "walk" the spacer thickness into the correct values. However, if I had a small enough micrometer I would have measured the cog hubs and then just calculated the spacer thickness. My digital calipers wouldn't fit here. As it is, the cassette works muy-bueno. The thickness #'s were measured with a dig caliper that had 0.01mm resolution.

I just sanded down the amber spacers with wet 220 grit sandpaper. I used a flat counter as a base. A bit of a hassle .... probably took two hours when all was said and done but now I have a 12-23 cassette C10 cassette which has a "straight block" from 12-19. :) Makes for super gear selection when jamin hard. Sure wish Campy made this beastie... save some time and hassle. Oh, sandpaper goes through skin on fingers tips real fast... ;)

ride hard