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10--speed Record rear deraileurs compatible with 8-speed?...(4 posts)

10--speed Record rear deraileurs compatible with 8-speed?...terminaut
Aug 18, 2001 11:07 PM
Yes - I want to run the new rear derailleur on an older 8-speed setup if possible. Does anybody know if this would work?
check for info.....JohnG
Aug 19, 2001 6:25 AM
Branford has a nice writeup on Campy drivetrain options. They are also very quick to respond to email questions. These guys/gals are the experts in this fieid.

good luck
re: 10--speed Record rear deraileurs compatible with 8-speed?...Point Given
Aug 19, 2001 10:58 AM
Nope, won't work! Record 2001 10 speed for both the levers and the rear derailleurs are incompatible with previous Campy year drivetrains. Branford is a great site, you could ask more from them, but from the info I have ben told from my bike shop as well as excel Sports, both the 2001 9 speed and 10 speed Chorus/record Levers and rear Derailleurs have been retooled from the prior year designs and now they only work with their own generation (ie 2001) components. As a matter of fact Chorus/Record 9 speed for 2001 won't even work with previous Campy 9 speeds according to the Campy literature I have seen. Talk to Branford though, as the other poster correctly said, they know it all when it comes to Campy.
re: 10--speed Record rear deraileurs compatible with 8-speed?...Cliff Oates
Aug 19, 2001 5:17 PM
I would ask this question over in the newsgroup. There are a couple of shop owners that handle Campy questions there that will probably tell you they've got customers riding setups like yours.