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Vredestein and pumping on the road(8 posts)

Vredestein and pumping on the roaddbrogan
Aug 18, 2001 8:55 AM
Just installed my first pair of Vredestein Fortezzas and inflated them to the recommended 145 psi. This was no big deal with a floor pump, but I'm wondering what will happen if (OK, when) I get a flat out on the road.

I can't imagine getting these babies ups to 145 with a frame pump. Will 110-120 be OK in that circumstance? Or is it time to start carrying a CO2 pump?


re: Vredestein and pumping on the roadJohnG
Aug 18, 2001 10:15 AM
You can run these tires at a lower pressure. Several rider friends use these tires and when they get flats they use a C02 cart to refill. Probably get no more than 100PSIG with a 12gm cart. Very nice tires (sticky and comfy).... but watch the road debris, they cut relatively easy.

Honestly, I can't imagine using a hand pump any more... it's 2001! ;)

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re: Vredestein and pumping on the roadk mand
Aug 18, 2001 3:32 PM
I hand pump will be fine to get you home but you may want a co2 cartridge. By the way, great tires!
re: Vredestein and pumping on the roadAtombomber
Aug 18, 2001 7:33 PM
The Max pressure is 145psi, not the recommended. 145 will be a rough ride, unless you are either heavier, or have a really comfy bike.

I use a Blackburn Airstick which claims to pump to 160psi, and have gotten my Vredes pretty durn firm, but it will take about 200 or pumps. The roads around me are notorious for flatting road tires, so I use a pump, since CO2 would cost me a fortune. Also, since I mostly ride solo, there is no huge rush to get the flat fixed, and I get a great upper body workout.
Aug 18, 2001 8:11 PM
I have Vredestein Fortezzas and the max psi on the tires says 160 psi. I don't understand how come people are saying that 145 is the maximum. Sincerely

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Size dependant?Atombomber
Aug 19, 2001 5:34 PM
I have 700c X 23 Vredesein Forteza and Forteza Tricomp and both have a max of 145psi or 10bar on them. 20 can go higher, and maybe those for a different market might be rated higher too.

What should concern those with a higher than 10bar rating is the rating of the rim. Most clincher rims are only rated to 10bar or 145psi. There is a huge margin of safety built into that figure, but be aware of the condition of the braking surface. I have had some rim blow-offs on mountain bikes and the event can be described as exciting.
Aug 19, 2001 6:10 PM
Mine say 145 max, 700 X 23. But they ride better at 135. The innovation 16gr CO2 cartridge will go to 130psi, but they are threaded.
Re CO2--You guys REALLY getting 100+ psi?cory
Aug 20, 2001 1:37 PM
I've tried inflators, but with the 32-35 road tires and 2.1 MB tires all us Clydesdales use, I wind up with <75 psi on the road, 37-40 on the MB. That's not enough for anything I do, so I have to top them up with a pump anyway.
That's with 12g cartridges, but the best deal I can get on 16g (which don't fit my old inflator) is like $2.50 apiece. Seems a high price to pay to avoid pumping, even if you don't count the pffft-I'm-stranded factor and having yet more crap to throw away.