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c/f wheels(2 posts)

c/f wheelsEvan
Aug 17, 2001 10:18 PM
I'm interested in picking up c/f wheels but the obvios choice (in terms of availability) spinergy's, are a bit to steep. What about tri spoke design cost and deep dish C/F rims?

Opinions and price quotes on any and all of the above would be greatly aprechiated.

P.S. will the wheels make a frame harsher or softer riding compared to standard 3x 32 hole wheels
re: c/f wheelsAkirasho
Aug 18, 2001 12:37 AM
C/F wheelsets = expensive... that's pretty much the gist of it.

With soooo many alloy rimmed wheelsets on the market covering virtually every price niche, CF wheel makers compete for a high end dollar... compete, but not by much.

As with an alloy rimmed, wire spoked wheel, I guess you'd have to ask what you want out of the wheelset. 'Bout the best applications for CF in wheels is either extremely light weight, and/or aerodynamics... both a specialty and again, commanding a premium price.

CF wheels come in several flavors from carbon fiber spokes bonded to aluminium rims, or braking surfaces to full carbon tubular designs. HED offers some of the lowest prices for such designs in the US ( They sometimes offer used wheels on their site, but I'm unsure of their general availability. I run Stinger 90's (front and rear), an H3 (front) and a SuperLite (rear) on TT bikes and like them.

Another possiblilty is X-treme wheels. I've seen them at races, but have no first hand experience with them ( They appear to be competitively priced.

On the upper end of the spectrum are wheels from ZIPP ( and Corima ( Mavic also makes composite wheels (as well as Campy and Shimano to name a few more) but again... these are pricey. I run a set of ZIPP 404 clinchers and a ZIPP disc as well... also nice. There are of course, ultra high end wheels made of unobtainium... cuz even a Platinum card has a hard time holding on to them (Lew and ADA come to mind).

As you can see, a composite wheel like the Spinergy Rev-X starts looking better from a cost POV.

On a positive front, you might be able to find a used CF wheel on the cheap from local racers and clubs (note, some race teams get deep discounts for their members). The only problems here are knowing the wheel's history (have they been crashed or repaired in some way) and not having much recourse for warranty work and such. Still, I've seen club racers pass on good deals when they decide to upgrade to the next big thing.

As far as ride qualities are concerned, I can only speak from my own limited experience. Since I use my wheels for relatively short distances (Time Trials), I can't comment on their "comfort" (I'm too busy suffering in my little box of pain to notice overall wheel performance). I can say that they do the job I bought them for well... relatively low weight aerodynamics.

Again, ask yourself what you need a CF wheel for... then check out your local race scene for more opinions and a possible deal or two.

Be the bike.