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Grease, Degreaser, Lubes, etc. what's best for everything?(7 posts)

Grease, Degreaser, Lubes, etc. what's best for everything?Geko
Aug 16, 2001 10:55 AM
What is the best to use on all components... I mostly need it for my chain.
I am partial to PedrosAlpedhuez55
Aug 16, 2001 12:02 PM
I like Pedros products. I will usually uses SynLube on my chains. If it will be wet, I will apply a coat of IceWax on my chain as well. I also like their grease gun that screw onto their tubes of grease. They make both citrus and a bio-degreasers but you can usually by a bigger bottle of degreasers at harware stores for the same price.
Ditto. Long live Pedro's lubes and tools!Tig
Aug 17, 2001 5:27 PM
Been using their products for years. The thick SynLubes and Ice Wax chain lubes are better than the drip-everywhere White Lightning in my humble opinion.
ActuallyKerry Irons
Aug 17, 2001 6:04 PM
I've used Pedro's grease and their road and MTB oils, and was not that impressed. The grease is OK, but probably to high viscosity for bike bearings. The oils seem an awful lot like Phil's Tenacious Oil - they wash off easily in the rain, and attract dirt big time.
re: Grease, Degreaser, Lubes, etc. what's best for everything?Cliff Oates
Aug 16, 2001 12:43 PM
I'm using Pedros grease in an injector gun, it seems to work well. Simple Green from the hardware store is a cheap degreaser. I've switched to Prolink on the chain and it's keeping things quiet and clean back there. I use Finish Line teflon lube on cable ferrules, brake pivots, derailleur bushings, etc. I could use Prolink for that too, probably, but I want to use up the can.
ProLink lube and Slick50 greaseKerry Irons
Aug 16, 2001 4:02 PM
I've had great luck with ProLink as a chain lube and a general lube for cables, shifters, derailleur and brake pivots, etc. For grease, someone recommended Slick50 (sold at auto stores) as a lightweight waterproof grease, and I have had good luck with it. Despite the fact that lots of people use them, I see no real need for degreasers on a road bike. If you properly maintain your chain, it never needs cleaning, and everything else on the bike can be wiped clean with a rag.
Going Cheapgrzy mnky
Aug 17, 2001 8:26 AM
Get the Citrus based Degreaser concentrate sold as a house brand at Ace Hardware stores. Works great, doesn't leave a film like Simple Green and doesn't have nasty VOC's and is way cheaper than anything sold in a bike store. Check out the Pedros website for putting together a good kit and how to properly wash a bike like the pros. The most bug/dirt/GU/Cytomax crusted ride can be white tornado'ed in 20 min.