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suspension seatposts for road use(7 posts)

suspension seatposts for road useMatt Matcuk
Aug 16, 2001 10:44 AM
Anyone got an opinion on the value of using a suspension seatpost on a harsh aluminum road bike?

I've got deteriorative disc disease and disc herniations, and love my Cannondale road bike, but am looking to protect my back.

Has anyone out there tried a suspended seatpost for your roadbike? If so, do you find it affects your pedal stroke?

I'm no racer. I like to train in the 20 - 21 mph range a few times a week.

Any input would be appreciated.

Two friends won't ride without 'emcory
Aug 16, 2001 12:56 PM
I keep threatening to swap the one off my mountain bike, but I haven't done it yet. Got a couple of friends with back trouble, though, and they swear by 'em. Both do several centuries a year, and both are over 50. One rides an Allez with a Thudbuster, the other an old Mercian with I think a Rock Shox. They both say the seatposts make it possible for them to do the miles they do--otherwise they'd be wobbling around the block a few times a week.
Two friends won't ride without 'emMatt Matcuk
Aug 24, 2001 9:26 AM

Thanks for the response. Any way that you could put me in touch with either of these two friends of yours? I've got one disc herniation (lumbar) and a diagnosis of "mild deteriorative disc disease" throughout my spine; which means the discs are getting crunchy and compressed. If either of your friends would be able to talk with me about their experiences with suspension seatposts, I'd appreciate it. They can email me at

Matt Matcuk
Tried it.JohnnyA
Aug 16, 2001 12:58 PM
I tried a $30 Nashbar post with an elastomer bumper on my Trek to help smooth out that harsh ride. It was much better as far as the ride quality. But, there was a performance trade-off as pedaling effort is also dampened by the seatpost. I didn't notice the effect on my pedaling until I watch my shadow bouncing along on a slight grade.

Since then, I upgraded the fork to a carbon fiber model and took off the bumper seat. The fork works great, but my issue was with hand vibration.

Kick me an e-mail if you are interested in the Nashbar seatpost.
suspens. seatpostMatt Matcuk
Aug 24, 2001 9:22 AM

Thanks for the input. I think I'll continue looking into it. Since my problem is back related, and pretty serious, I think I may have to make the kind of trade-off you describe. Hopefully I can find a suspension seatpost with some kind of damping.

Thanks again.
re: suspension seatposts for road useAlpedhuez55
Aug 16, 2001 1:29 PM
I would try a saddle with a little suspension built into it first. They will not handle the big bumps but some work pretty well for the minor bumps and road vibrations. I have a Selle Royal saddle that I like on one of my bikes. It has a couple of small elastomers in it. They are not overly heavy. Their Fizik line is a little lighter and a little more expensive but uses the same elastomer system. That is my next upgrade. I know Selle Italia and Ritchey make saddles with these types of features as well.

On the other side try some double thick Cyclocross tape for your bars. It cannot hurt either.
re: suspension seatposts for road useMatt Matcuk
Aug 24, 2001 9:36 AM

Thanks for the tip. I think I might try both: my current seat does use small elastomers, and I'm thinking of using it--or maybe one in the Fizik line you mention-- in conjunction with the suspended post.

Thanks again.

If you have any more info, please feel free to contact me directly at