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Need Help in deciding on Wheelsets...(4 posts)

Need Help in deciding on Wheelsets...TJohn
Aug 16, 2001 10:42 AM
Hi all, I know this question gets asked often but I was hoping some of you might help me decide on my next wheels. Here is the deal: I can get the Mavic Ks wholesale (~$500); Velomax Ascents ($680) or Dave's Speeddream Aerolites ($550) for retail; or have a LBS build me a custom set of aero wheels that are about as light as the Ks for anywhere from $500 -$650. What do you think is my best option??? I want the fastest wheels I can get for the climbs. Thanks.
The most posted question goingPaulCL
Aug 16, 2001 11:17 AM
In all fairness, you can get a response just by looking through the archives on this board and the general board. Now for my $.02...

I looked at the K's vs. Nucleons vs. Speeddreams last January. I eventually chose the Speeddream Aerolights. Why?
Weight: K's 1600-1700g, Nuc's: 1600-1700g Speeds: 1400g
Price: All could be purchased for around $500+
Service: To buy the K's or Nuc's I would have to go overseas. What if something went wrong?? a defect?? Dave Thomas has a great rep for service.
Compatability: I have Campy. The nuc's and Speedreams could be built with Campy hubs.
Aerodynamics: K's and Speed's use a rim that has essentially the same profile. Both use bladed spokes.
At home service: (by me) Nuc's have a bad rep for at home service. K's and Speeddreams can be serviced almost anywhere.

Winner: Speeddreams. Nothing against the K's...great wheelset...I just really didn't want to buy overseas. Dave Thomas is great to work with - he builds wheels for you, not mass production. good luck. Paul
re: Need Help in deciding on Wheelsets...keith m.
Aug 17, 2001 6:04 AM
I just ordered a set of K's for $423 from I was thinking of getting the speeddreams as well but the K's were cheaper and have a reputation for being bombproof. As far as the warranty goes I think you can still have them serviced in the states no problem. They weigh 1600 grams but need no rim tape. You can get lighter wheels, say 1450 to 1500g's but add rim tape and your back up to 1600g's. That being said, I have heard almost nothing but good things about speeddreams as well, but the cheaper price of the K's and probable lower maintenence won me out.
$423 Kysriums!!! Whoa, maybe I need a new wheelsetPaulCL
Aug 17, 2001 5:30 PM
what a deal. I probably would have opted to save a $100 and go for the K's at that price. After 2100+ miles, my Speeddreams are still perfect. They went a little out of true after being smushed in an airline box (Thank you Delta - NOT), beyond that, maintenance free. I check them frequently, put a drop of lube onto the spoke nipples,and away I go.

Just a note on the K' friends who ride them complain of a lot of noise. For some reason, K's creak and moan a lot. Not a mechanical problem, just a noise problem. go figure??