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Handlebar and seatpost recomendations?(6 posts)

Handlebar and seatpost recomendations?Birddog
Aug 14, 2001 8:56 PM
I'm putting an Ouzo Pro all carbon fork on my Serotta Atlanta. I'm pretty settled on a Ritchey WCS stem, but not sure what handlebar and seatpost. Any recomendations? I'm leaning toward Ritchey WCS here also.
Thanks in advance
Aug 15, 2001 7:53 AM
I like seatposts that have two bolts for the clamp and allow raising the front of the seat by loosening the front bolt and tightening the rear bolt or doing the reverse to lower the front of the seat. I have a Thompson post that works this way as do real old Campy. I'm not sure what other ones do, but I'd make this type of micro-adjustment a priority.

Bars must fit in the stem but beyond that are a matter of fitting your hands, stiffness and how much you're willing to pay to save a few grams. Try a few and note the ones you like best.
Beware, Thomson has no setback...C-40
Aug 15, 2001 8:51 AM
The Thomson post may adjust nicely, but the straight-up model will move the nominal saddle location forward by 2cm or more. The model with setback locates the saddle 1.5cm further back, but still not as much as most traditional road seatposts.

Traditional road posts have the front of the saddle rail clamp located near or behind the centerline of the post.

Take a close look at the type of post and the saddle rail location before buying a new post. Posts like the Thomson may make it impossible to move the saddle back far enough to suit.

The new ITM Millenium post has a lot more setback, and a two-bolt microadjusting design.
The Thompson post for sure - Ritchey gear is super ! [nm]Leroy L
Aug 15, 2001 10:10 AM
Thomson works well for me ...johnrg
Aug 15, 2001 8:27 PM
depending on your fit on your frame. I use one on a Lemond with a Flite saddle. Setback posts would clamp too far back on the Flite for me. The Thomson is centered under the saddle and works well as the Lemond has a longish top tube. I could see also using the Thomson setback version but have not been able to find one to see if the placement of the clamp is better. Adjustment is very nice as mentioned above and it looks great.
depends on the seat tube angle...C-40
Aug 16, 2001 8:54 AM
The Lemond and LOOK frames are some of the few on the market that may work well with the Thomson post. Both have slack seat tube angles. When you use a Thomson, the seat tube angle is effective increased by nearly 2 degrees and the top tube length is effectively shortened by nearly 2cm. Now you have Colnago geometry.