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stronger wheels:rolf vector comps or coda expert/open pro??(3 posts)

stronger wheels:rolf vector comps or coda expert/open pro??thisonesugly
Aug 12, 2001 9:47 AM
i'm buying my first road bike after mtbing for 5 years ,a cannondale r1000 which comes equipped with coda expert hubs laced to mavic open pro rims, as i'm a heavy mutha at about 250lbs the shop opined that it may be worth my while to upgrade($100) to a set of rolf vector comps. my only experience with mavic is the rims thatcameon my mtb , the rear of which was devilish hard to keep true, when i finally wore them out i replaced them with stronger albeit heavier(100g) sun rhyno-lites which rarely need truing. i've read both good and bad about these sets and am wondering if the rolfs are a worthy upgrade, they seem sturdier after a brief inspection but are there drawbacks? what about the hubs? any advice would be greatly appreciated.
What do you want the wheels to do for you?Spoke Wrench
Aug 13, 2001 5:47 AM
You are in the price/experience bracket where the more accurately you can analyze what you expect from the bike, the better your bike shop can serve you.

My personal guess is that the Rolfs will feel a little faster, especially at speeds over 20mph. I think there is a performance advantage to the fancy wheels.

The people I know who have Rolfs have had no durability problems with them, but, of course, your personal experience may differ. My objection to Rolfs, and all of the botique wheels for that matter, comes from my experience doing tech support for week long group rides. Damage a rim in Dennison, Iowa, and you are out of luck. If durability and repairability are high on your value list, more conventional wheels are definitely better.

Since you brought up the subject, I suspect you are concerned about your weight affecting the durability of the wheels. Here's how I would spend my $100.00 upgrade money: I'd find the best wheelbuilder in town. This is a case where the craftsman is more important than the components. I'd take my brand new set of Open Pro's to him and watch while he cuts those brand new black spokes off of the hubs. Then I'd have him lace up some new DT 14/15 ga butted spokes 3 cross front and rear.

I think that will give you a more durable wheel than either of the alternatives you were considering. That's really what you did with your mountain bike wheels, you just waited until you had used up the originals to try it.
Skip the Rolfsgrzy mnky
Aug 13, 2001 5:20 PM
They're nothing but problems - just cruise this board for a while and you'll see.

Even if you don't get water in them they're noisy as hell. Personally I think you'd be better served with the OP's, but you'll probably trash the Coda crap in short order. I figure they're machine built in any event so they really won't last.

Either work with a wheel builder to get a custom build all dialed in or go with something *like* a set of Mavic Ksyriums (or Campy). They're pretty dang bomber and I've been wailing/crashing on them for well over a year, but I'm no heavy weight. Just rough on my toys and body. I also trash MTB wheels so I sorta know what you're talking about. See if the shop will upgrade you to something more robust - you'll be money ahead.

I figure this will surely fire up the Rolf zealots.