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2 questions(5 posts)

2 questionskarl
Aug 11, 2001 4:01 PM
1. does anyone know of a good source for a torque wrench that is suitable for bike use?

2. the instructions for cutting an ouzo pro fork steerer mention a toothless, hacksaw blade for cutting composites. what are these and where can you get them? the only blades i see at the LHS are the el cheapo blades or a blade that looks like a wire for cutting tiles.
re: 2 questionsCliff Oates
Aug 11, 2001 4:16 PM
1. Sears. Got Craftsman?
2. Sears, at least this "carbide grit edge" blade sounds like what you're looking for: click here
re: 1 answer... maybeAkirasho
Aug 11, 2001 10:27 PM
... I used a toothed saw specified for cutting PVC and acrylic piping to miter a Pro Aero 'bout an hour ago... It's a pull saw, and when used with a steerer miter box, produced a clean cut with no tearout. I filed and sanded the cut end per Reynold's instructions, installed the fork and everything looks fine. Course, I've yet to ride it (it's 02:30 hours here).

I could not find a "toothless" version in my area (tried several large "Depot" stores, but not Sears) so decided to take a chance. Hopefully, I did not make a $400 mistake...

Be the bike.
re: 2 questions updatekarl
Aug 12, 2001 2:17 PM
thanks for the input. got "sears best" torque wrench 25-250 inch lbs and a "carbide grit saw" blade. I did a small test cut and this blade cuts like a hot knife through butter. A very clean cut with no binding or fraying. $2.00 cheap. btw I was in hardware heaven at sears. had no idea about the vast selection of tools there. thanks again.
re: 2 questions updateCliff Oates
Aug 12, 2001 3:02 PM
How does that line go again? He who has the most tools wins? Something like that. ;-)

I have the same torque wrench along with its bigger brother. You can order a print catalog for Craftsman tools from the Sears web site, and it's useful. Snap-on also has some very nice mechanics tools for sale on their web site, but the prices...