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Really Lite Wheels....(4 posts)

Really Lite Wheels....justaguy
Aug 10, 2001 9:46 AM
Everyone is talking about the ksyriums, or the bontragers, or even zipp prebuilt wheels as being light, but there is an easy way to go even lighter without paying so much for the brand. And hey, apparantly jan ullrich uses the same build...

How about zipp 280 rims at 285g each
Tune mig 66 front hub at around 80g
Tune mag 180 rear hib, campy 10 compatible, at 183g
18 front and 24 rear sapim x ray oval spokes and alloy nipples at 131g
Tune titanium quick releases at a reported 49g per pair
All this adds up to be a wheel weight of 1013 grams - 200g lighter than most light factory wheels, and about as light as the most expensive carbon ones. The spokes are heavier than titanium too, and the rims are a couple grams heavier than an FiR, but both provide a slight aero advantage.
If I can get it all built up by a good wheelbuilder (would dave at speeddream do it?) is there any reason not to do this???
re: Really Lite Wheels....interested
Aug 10, 2001 6:02 PM
I just got a pair of Zipp 303's for a fabulous deal ($500 for both) and couldn't be happier. What you've got there sounds to be one heck of a wheelset though. I'd only be concerned about durability with something so light, but you know your riding style and roads better than anyone else. That's precisely why I got the Zipp's. Radially laced so if one spoke breaks the wheel shouldn't go completely wacko, easy to convert to Campy if I so desire and pretty darn light for clinchers (1693? for the pair).

Where on the Internet can a person find some info on Tune? The skewers at 49g sound great!
Tune's websitejustaguy
Aug 10, 2001 11:17 PM
Tune has a really good website at

try if that doesn't work

They are a British company, and they make a whole whack of road and mountain bike stuff that all looks pretty sweet. The skewers do look a bit strange though...

I'm not sure about durability of the ones i spec'd, but I think the higher spoke count and a non radial lacing should help that. Obviously, I'd use them mostly for racing and climbs, not touring or anything. A durable clincher set would be better for that
re: Really Lite Clincher Wheels....Oenk
Aug 11, 2001 10:27 AM
I've also been thinking about a pair superwheels with Tune hubs and X- ray spokes, but I'm thinking about a pair of clincher rims.
Does anybody know which pair of Aero clincher rims are the lightest, does Lew make their superrims for clinchers?
By the way Tune is from Germany and it's great stuff. A few weeks ago I put the cranks and stem on my Rex, damn that looks and feels good!!