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Track Pedals(3 posts)

Track Pedalsandy104
Aug 10, 2001 8:20 AM
What pedals are the best for use at the track. I recently tried riding there and didn't feel very comfortable in standing sprints in my Frogs

Please respond to the list.
Toe Clips!!Cima Coppi
Aug 10, 2001 12:13 PM
For the track, toe clips are the best way to go. You have no chance of accidentally unclipping (disasterous on a fixed gear track bike), and they provide very good clearance for the banked turned on a velodrome. You can get track pedals, toe clips and straps cheap on E-Bay (I see them all the time), but you may have difficulty finding cleats for your shoes. I know Sidi makes them for G3's, but I've not seen them in any shops.

Good Luck

yup, with 2 laminated leather straps per pedalclub
Aug 12, 2001 9:11 AM
Binda Extras (RIP), the old laminated Specializeds or Avocets (both also RIP), or similar nylon laminated to leather top and bottom still available for $$ like keirin racers use. You want the nylon middle so they don't stretch, and the leather outside so the buckle doesn't slip. Then run one thru the normal pedal slots and up over the toe clip AHEAD OF the normal slot in the clip for a strap. Run the second strap thru the cutouts in the rear pedal cage plate, and run that one thru the normal toe clip slot. Pull both tight wearing slotted cleats on the shoes and you WILL NOT blow out in any sprint. Fall over doing a trackstand and the crowd will be entertained
Tip o' the day: Stay away from ti-spindled pedals, I broke 2 on the track and it was ugly. Also old Campy SR ti BB spindles, the blood from that one made the front page of the local paper in color.