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Record Profit pedals "loose" release(3 posts)

Record Profit pedals "loose" releaseonrhodes
Aug 8, 2001 5:26 AM
I have 6 months now (about 5,000 miles) of riding on a pair of 2000 Record profit pedals. I've noticed over the past few weeks that my right pedal releases extremely easy. I replaced the metal part of the cleat, but not the plastic part. However the problem is still there. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this? Here is a little more background info.
It is the right pedal that releases easy. I ALWAYS clip out my right foot at stop lights, stop signs, etc. The plastic portion of the pedal looks fine. A little beat up, but no missing chunks or anything. I was curious if this was one of the reasons that for 2001 Campagnolo made the springs stiffer? I can pull straight up as hard as I want and the pedal will not relase. But twice now while doing some standing climbing my foot has twisted enough to release from the pedal. I little annoying on a training ride, but could be more serious if this happens in a race. Anyone else had similar experience?
Check Againgrzy mnky
Aug 8, 2001 2:21 PM
Sounds like the typical symptoms of the RHS plastic cleat wearing out. It's a little bit sneaky - the plastic gets thinner along the whole bottom making things a bit loose, but when it gets thin around the nose of the plastic cleat you get all sorts of problems: early release, excessive float, and difficulty clipping in. In my expereince the plastic cleats don't last too long and when they start to wear out they go fast - I always get two sets so that I have a spare in my bag. I've alos never seen the metal cleats wear ouot although I suppos it's possible in time.
re: Record Profit pedals "loose" releasereplacament man
Aug 8, 2001 7:36 PM
Duh, replace the now worn plastic "cleat" part. This is the singular worst product campy has made in years. Great pedals indeed but crappy cleats. THey wear out within a month or two. Very consumable, highly profitable...