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New wheelset for old Schwinn.(4 posts)

New wheelset for old Schwinn.bluglobe
Aug 7, 2001 10:41 PM
If anyone on this forum could help me I would like to buy some new wheelsets that are Quick-release for an old 1985 Schwinn "World". Unfortunately I cannot offer any dimentions on the spacing on my frame and fork. I have no information available and little if any could be found in the owners manuel(a joke)or the internet. I just wanted to known if it is possible to upgrade such an old tenspeed.It uses the obsolete 27 X 1 1/2 size tire.
Go to a bike shopRusty McNasty
Aug 8, 2001 4:10 AM
They probably have some cheap wheels to fit this bike. Most likely the dropout spacing is 120mm if it is a 5-speed cogset. 6-speed cogsets are usually 126mm spacing. A person at a bike shop knows these things. I think that you will find the cost of even a cheap wheelset will be much more than this bike is worth. The Salvation Army thrift store might be a less expensive alternative for wheels, or even a new bike.
re: New wheelset for old Schwinn.dug
Aug 8, 2001 5:46 AM
A tape measure comes to mind...
re: New wheelset for old Schwinn.Fred the Cross-Poser
Aug 8, 2001 7:23 AM
Bluglobe -

Don't give on mounting new wheels on an old bike. Your bike may be worth little in the commercial world, but sometimes it is pretty cool getting an old friend back on the road. I just did it using a 1983 Univega Supra Sport to convert it to cyclocross.

Many of these old steel frames had some cold spring built into them - you had to compress the frame a little when tightening the axle nuts. You probably have room.

Your biggest concern will be the reach of the brake calipers to fit the smaller 700 c rims. Another concern will be to get a cogset that works with your shifters (probably not an issue - friction shifting works with most everything...)

I second the advice to go to your local bike shop. Certainly you can find some used rims that will get you up and going for not a lot of money.