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Brake pads and Zipp 404 wheel(4 posts)

Brake pads and Zipp 404 wheelAndy
Aug 7, 2001 6:53 PM
Do I need special brake pads for use with my Zipp 404 wheel? The lbs said no. After 75 miles I noticed a small portion of brake pad material dangling off the main pad in a thin layer. It reminded me of wax melting off a candle and resolidifying before it had a chance to drop off. Now I'm concerned that I really do need special pads.
Corima's in frontDog
Aug 8, 2001 5:32 AM
I run Corima cork pads in front with carbon rims. I assume you have the 404 tubulars, all carbon. Carbon rims don't absorb much heat, so they melt rubber brake pads. BTW, the braking, as you may have noticed, sucks with carbon rims compared to having an aluminum braking surface. Be careful trail braking into a turn.

Depends on model year...biknben
Aug 8, 2001 8:00 AM
I'm assuming you got the tubular version. The '01 models have an added braking surface covering the carbon in the area where the brakes contact the rim. Zipp calls it a "Silica/Ceramic" brake surface. It looks like a thin mesh weave on top of the carbon. You have to look close to see it.

I've been using the '01 303s since April for training and racing. I used the stock Shimano pads with decent results. Braking power was as good or better than Al rims although there was some fade if I braked hard for too long.
Pad wear is much quicker than usual but not rediculous. Since April (2,000 miles) I still have the original pads on the front, although there are in need of replacement. I switched to cereamic-specific pads on the rear after 1,500 miles (All-Stop I think). Pad wear is reduced but so is braking power. To sum all this up, I'd go with stock pads (on '01 model) and expect to replace them sooner than normal.

If you're talking about '00 model, Doug is on the money. Buddy of mine has '00 303s and uses Corima front pads. He complains often about his lousy braking.
Depends on model year...Andy
Aug 8, 2001 8:45 AM

I've got the 2001 model with the "Silica/Ceramic" surface. I guess I won't worry about my brake pads then. I will keep a close eye on pad wear and change when necessary. It gives me a creepy feeling to see that melted brake pad material.