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Bike Build????(3 posts)

Bike Build????JRM1290
Aug 7, 2001 7:52 AM
I may buy a brand new GT ZR 2.0 frame, with fork, and headset for $295. Does anyone know if this is a good deal? Also, what else do I need to build a complete bike? And say I try to make it near stock(full Ultegra) about how much would that cost me? Thanks.
re: Bike Build????Spoke Wrench
Aug 7, 2001 8:02 AM
If you are looking to get Ultegra, I wouldn't expect much change from $1500.00.

The cheapest way to buy components is bolted onto a frame. This time of year, you might be able to buy a Raleigh R700 for a close out price and just throw the frame away.

A more conventional approach would be to buy a "bike kit" from Security or Quality through your LBS.
Ultegra $910 from Gary HobbesJohn Z
Aug 7, 2001 9:24 AM
Gary sells Ultegra bike kits for $910, including Mavic Open Pro wheels. If you send him the frame, he will assemble it for an additional $75. You can also check his prices on frames.

Gary has an excellent reputation. Do a Google search on his name and you can read the many testimonials.

Note: I have no relation to Gary. My friends and I have purchased bikes from him with complete satisfaction.