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Michelin tires(5 posts)

Michelin tiresR. Williams
Aug 6, 2001 3:44 PM
What's the difference between Michelin Axial Pros and Michelin Axial Carbons (besides $15)?
don't know from experience, butjw25
Aug 7, 2001 7:58 AM
according to the ad copy, the Carbon uses normal, carbon-reinforced rubber, in place of the silicium of the Pro. The casing also looks to be different (Michelin calls it a "high-density carbon casing"), so perhaps it's stronger.
Other than that, the big difference looks to be durability versus ultimate grip. For racing, I'd stick with the Pro's, but for training, the Carbon would probably ride close to the Pro, with longer tread life, and possibly greater puncture protection.
That said, I've never ridden either, so this is my opinion only.
re: Michelin tiresDrD
Aug 7, 2001 6:34 PM
I am presently running Axial carbons - very nice tire.

I was using the Axial pro's a year or so ago, but had alot of problems with tire cuts and flats (I loved how they rode, though - very smooth - the fact that I am a larger rider at 6'3", 210lbs probably makes me harder on tires than the average rider) - I switched to Conti Ultra 2000's - firmer ride (at a given pressure) and the tread was much more durable - I recently (200 miles or so) put on some Axial carbons (700x23's - same size as the Pro's I was using)to see if they felt like the pro's with a longer treadlife - the tread feels very similar to the Conti's (not as soft as the pro's), and the ride quality is about the same. I have had no trouble loosing traction with any of them, but don't generally push tires to the limit - that being said, the axial pro's were more confidence inspiring through corners (just felt better)
Weight and DurabilityStewK
Aug 8, 2001 2:48 AM
Have never used the carbons, but they are heavier than the axial pros. The carbons are supposed to be more durable.
re: Michelin tiresMike Prince
Aug 8, 2001 4:50 AM
I haven't used the Pro's recently but have used "comparable" tires this year - GP3000's, Hutchinson Krono Comps and Vittorias. I went with the Carbons on a new bike because I wanted something that would wear longer than what people were saying (about the Pros) in the reviews and on this board but still get a high quality Michelin. I think I still may have some Hi-Lite Supercomp HD's from the early '90's somewhere in the garage :) Plus they were quite a bit cheaper than the Pros as you have noted.

Anyway I bought a set of the carbons in 23c and have not been disappointed. They are heavier than the lightweights at 265g, but I haven't had a problem in almost 1000 miles since the beginning of July. A few minor cuts, but nothing serious at all. The rear tire still looks great and I am a relative heavyweight at 200 lbs.

Performance wise I also am pleased. Grip is good and the tires roll well and give a good ride. When this set wears out I plan to buy more.

Hope this helps