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Spinergy Xaero(4 posts)

Spinergy XaeroOld Guy
Aug 6, 2001 11:58 AM
Well, since the dorks who monitor this site won't put new products in the reviews section, I thought I'd start a thread on these wheels here.

Picked up a pair a couple weeks ago.

The BAD:
The rear hub arrived out of adjustment and un-loctited. Ten miles into my first ride the cones locked up on each other. Yea! Also, Spinergy only sent me one wheel bag.

I have a very stiff scandium frame and these wheels will let me ride it like it's a mid-80s steel frame. The ride is AWESOME. It soaks up all the little crap without sacrificing the precise feel of a good aluminum bike.

My guess is that they'd be overkill on a steel frame. Probably don't need them on carbon or ti either, but they're nearly a must-have for training on your aluminum bike. They're also a lot more aero than the models that preceded it. Don't know about the spoke nipple issue, but there's a totally different design than before which looks a lot better.
re: Spinergy XaeroMGS
Aug 6, 2001 3:24 PM
My rear hub froze up after a century ride on relatively new wheels.

The hub wouldn't move correctly even after I readjusted the wheel.

I returned the wheels. I need better quality and reliability.

However, the ride was great, just bad hubs.
re: Spinergy Xaerokeith m.
Aug 6, 2001 5:05 PM
I had the sr-3's, same wheel with steel bladed spoke, and at 1200 miles had hub failure. Took spinergy 5 weeks to get them back, then less than one week later, failure again. I posted about this and someone who works in the bike industry posted back that there has been a 65% failure rate with these wheels. I had the spox model before for mine and my wife's bikes, hubs failed on both sets. Only 800 miles on my wifes set when hers began to sound like they were greased with sand. Took about 5 weeks to get those back as well. Motto of the story is, buy spinergy products at your own risk!
Same problemk mand
Aug 6, 2001 5:25 PM
with the SR-3s and it took 3 weeks to get the free hub replaced. I've ridden another 1500 since with no problems, however, I'm having the LBS look for Campy 10 compatible Ksryiums.