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My new threadless me choose one!!!(4 posts)

My new threadless me choose one!!!Woof the dog
Aug 5, 2001 10:15 PM
Hi. I need to know whats is the approximate weight of the lightest stem, whats the weight for average stems, what to stay away from. What is a popular stem out there???

I was thinking about that big cinelli stem, but not sure whether it will fit normal handlebars or will be too heavy. I am looking for something of average weight and the stiffer the better.
Thank you

Woof the dog.
re: My new threadless me choose one!!!AD14
Aug 6, 2001 5:32 AM
I just got a ritchey pro 11cm for under $40. It weighs 162 grams. I could not justify double the money for the WCS as I just ride for fitness and no longer push. The WCS is nice and about an ounce lighter. The pro has received good reviews on this site and many others like grz who know their stuff like the ritchey products.
Yup!grzy mnky
Aug 6, 2001 9:29 AM
Surveyed the offereings in the market about 18 mos. ago and settled on the Ritchey Pro. It's a very good product and you could get it in 1" and not have to use the shim. Four bolt face uses stainles bolts and it's well made. Made a change in angle & length and selected the Ritchey WCS. It's lighter and more expensive and has a few more refinements. After hearing about the problems with some of the stems out there (Deda and others): bolts breaking, holes stripping, point loading the composite steerer, flex, etc. I think that you will be well served with the either the WCS or the Pro model *assuming* the offerings meet your sizing requirements. Thomson is also making one, but some fo the MTB crowd have been dissapointed that the clamping mechanism isn't as secure - probable a non-issue in a raod bike application - unless you like to get big air.
re: My new threadless me choose one!!!Bruno S
Aug 6, 2001 10:56 AM
I have a -17, 100mm x 1" Ritchey Pro stem. It works very well and its not expensive. I'm getting a new frame with 1" 1/8" so it will not work for me any more. I've looking around and got to the conclusion that looks aside this is the best stem out there. Cheap, functional, light and strong. I will probably buy an 1 1/8 Ritchey Pro again.

lightest: ITM The stem 95 gr.
Average: 180-220
If you like Cinelli got for the Groove stem not the big one.