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Shimano Tiagra / Shimano Sora(4 posts)

Shimano Tiagra / Shimano SoraTxNewbie
Aug 5, 2001 1:20 PM
What is the major difference in the Shimano Tiagra and Sora hubset and levers. The bike Im looking at has the Tiagra. It is also Flightdeck compatable (not sure what that is. Anyway is the Tiagra very good or in the same class as the Sora
re: Shimano Tiagra / Shimano SoraI_Love_Shimano
Aug 5, 2001 5:50 PM
Sora is Shimano's lowest of the low road group. Tiagra is just a step above Sora, but is also considered a low-end group. Sora's levers are a bit similay to Campy levers, you shift with the brake lever and a mouse ear lever on the inside of the hood. Tiagra's are just like dura-Ace levers, you shift with the brake lever and another lever behind the brake lever. Confused? Check out some pics at and My suggestion, do NOT get any low end Shimano stuff. Get 105 or above. If you must get low end stuff, go Campy.

My 2 cents.
re: Shimano Tiagra / Shimano SoraPoulidor
Aug 6, 2001 6:55 AM
I agree with "I Love Shimano". I have a five year old bike with Campy Mirage (the second from the lowest Campy groupset, at the time) and a 2000 Trek 1000 with Shimano Sora components. I hate the Sora groupset. It looks and feels cheaply made, shifts poorly and the brakes are terrible. I am constantly getting new creaks/groans/clicks from the Sora components (with about 1000 miles on them). By constrast, the five year old Mirage groupset has performed flawlessly for about 5000 miles. Just now I am replacing the bottom bracket because the bearings are beginning to wear. Like he said, don't buy low-end Shimano. If you have to buy a low end groupset, buy Campy Mirage, you won't regret it. It is heavier, is less well finished and not as smooth as the higher end Campy but it is well-engineered and built to last.
re: Shimano Tiagra / Shimano Sorabeck
Aug 9, 2001 6:40 AM
I dont understand the criticism of the Sora group.The shifters are great for the average non-racer rider.I like them so much I bought a set separately for one of my older 8 speed bikes.I have had no trouble with the group on a Iron Horse Triumph.To answer the original question the Tiagra group is 9 speed,hubs have labrynth seals,crank with one alloy chainring vs all steel.In summation the Sora is fine on an inexpensive recreatonal bike from the factory.I also own bikes with 9 spd Campy and Ultegra so I can fairly compare them all.