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Rolf vector pros and campy(2 posts)

Rolf vector pros and campyjason in nh
Aug 4, 2001 3:41 AM
I have some Rolf vector pros, and was wondering if I there is a freehub body for campy spacing out there so that I can run campy on them without one of those wheels man. cassettes that I hear doesn't give you the campy shifting you deserve.
re: Rolf vector pros and campypeloton
Aug 7, 2001 5:06 PM
There are Campy compatible VP's out there. You can't switch though. Problem is that you can't just take the Shimano freehub off one and put a Campy freehub on or visa versa. The diameter of the axle inside the hub is different for both the Shimano and Campy hubs on the VP's and so the freehubs are not interchangable. You are basically stuck running the same brand compatable freehub that comes on the rear wheel. Your only option would be to get a new rear wheel. If you take a VP Campy hub and shimano hub apart, you will easily see the difference and know why they can't be switched. I've tried to do it, and Rolf Dietrich confirmed with me by e-mail that it can't be done.