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Compatibility Shimano Ultegra 8spd/7spd ?(2 posts)

Compatibility Shimano Ultegra 8spd/7spd ?PeterRider
Aug 2, 2001 11:51 AM
Is the hub (and also the cassette) of the 6400 series of the same size for the 8spd series and the 7spd ? Is it possible to put a 8spd cassette on a hub that had a 7spd cassette ?

And also about the derailleurs: does a 7spd rear derailleur work on 8spd cassettes ? On the 8spd Ultegra 6400 I can read "8 SIS integration", but the 7spd says nothing.

Thanks for explanations and advice !!
No and YesLC
Aug 2, 2001 3:24 PM
Sorry, the spacing is very close between 7 and 8 cogs, which makes the 8 speed cassette about 1 cog wider and you can't get a 8 on a 7spd hub. The rear deraileur however will work fine.