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Record Ti Cassette life ???(8 posts)

Record Ti Cassette life ???JohnG
Jul 31, 2001 9:26 PM
OK, I'm doing about 1K miles per month and am lusting for the 11X21 C10 cassette. Only problem, it's only available in the Ti flavor. :(

Anyone out there have any serious mileage on their 11X21 Ti C10 cassette??? Any guess as to how long thing puppy will last? Oh, I'm <150# and a not Cipo. ;)

Don't know where you're getting your information...Cima Coppi
Aug 1, 2001 5:16 AM
I have found just the opposite. The 11-21 is only available in the mixed steel/Ti combo. On this cluster, the 17/18 and 19/21 cogs are Ti. Check out Branford Bike for more information on the cassette.
not news here!JohnG
Aug 1, 2001 5:34 AM
Don't mean to be rude but your response is way off subject. It's pretty obvious that ALL C10 Ti cassettes are "mixed".

Still looking for info as originally requested in my post, thanks.
Well then....Cima Coppi
Aug 1, 2001 6:31 AM
Again, according to Branford Bikes individual cog page for C10 cogs, you cannot get a 17/18 and 19/21 steel setup (the Chorus cogs). You'd have to go with the Ti setup. I have the mixed Ti cogs on my 11-23 cluster and so far find the Ti to be as durable and smooth as the steel cogs. If they wear out, you can always purchase the individual cogs for replacement instead of a new cluster.

Aug 2, 2001 3:48 PM
....Campy does offer a couple of C10 clusters in all ti...Very pricy, but hey....
Perhaps old data?Kerry Irons
Aug 1, 2001 4:45 PM
My first Record 9 cassette was a 6/3 unit. I can tell you that the 18 (largest steel) got 5X the miles than the 19 (smallest Ti) and was worn about the same. Total miles on the 19 was about 1K. Unless things have changed a lot since then (1998), Ti cogs wear significantly faster than steel and to me would be unacceptable in smaller cogs. I've gone with all steel since then and am getting roughly 11K miles out of a steels set.
Perhaps old data?JohnG
Aug 1, 2001 5:34 PM
No, not really... just looking for a personal experiences. :)

I would normally use the 17-18-19 quite a bit as my current 17-19 combo seems to put me in the 20-24 MPH range which is a nice place to hang out on my faster rides. Hmmmm.... you are probably a bit stronger and heavier than me so maybe I could get more mileage out of these ti cogs.... ????

Oh, my fall-back idea is to build a custom C10 cassette with 17 and 18 tooth seperate steel cogs from the 9 speed catalog. Although that is probably a good solution, it requires a bit more effort to 'construct'.

good rides JohnG
ordered the cogsJohnG
Aug 2, 2001 7:34 PM
I ordered the cogs to build a custom 12X23 C10 cassette today. All steel and a straight block from 12 to 19. :) Very nice!

good rides