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Dura Ace chainring compatibility?(1 post)

Dura Ace chainring compatibility?jumphress
Jul 30, 2001 6:08 PM
I recently read somewhere that one has to use specific large chainrings if one is using a 42t or a 39t inner ring. Is there a difference? And why has the 39t inner ring become the standard? When I was racing in the early '80's, 53x42 was de riguer except for a half-step touring set-up. Seems like with todays 9 and 10 spd clusters that a 42 would give you a small enough gear for most circumstances. When i was younger and stronger (and perhaps dumber) I rode a century on a 12-18 straight block - hey, it was what I had at the time!

And while we're on the subject, will an 8 spd crank work with a nine spd set up? I've built a mtb bike up that way, and it shifts great using a SRAM chain. Thinking of doing the same with some Stronglight crankarms and 8spd Shimano rings - sort of a poor man's Dura Ace with a lower Q-factor. Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.