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Campy Daytona vs Shimano Ultegra(9 posts)

Campy Daytona vs Shimano UltegraZerotrek
Jul 30, 2001 3:50 PM
I am getting my first real road bike in 8 years. I am either going with Campy Daytona 10 speed or Shimano Ultegra. Can anyone offer some input on which may be better?

Some info that may help. I am the kind of person that goes for reliabiltiy first. I rather have it work good 90% of the time then great 50% and poor 50%. I gave up road biking 8 years ago after getting hit by a car. I never felt comfortable with road bike brake setups after that accident. Always felt I could not emergency stop as well on a road bike, so I switch to mountain and have been on one ever since, but almost all my biking is on roads. I think the technology has changed enough that I feel comfortable again on a road bike.

Any input is appreciated.
You'll want to go with Campy Daytona [nm]davidl
Jul 30, 2001 4:17 PM
Campy Daytona 10spdgrandemamou
Jul 30, 2001 4:31 PM
Warning I have a preference to Campy!!!! Although I do own one S 105 bike.

I test rode several bikes with both when frame shopping. I thought that the shifting on Ultegra was very poor. Dura Ace was much better but I did not care for the shifting action. Daytona was much smoother and reliable although not quite as crisp as Chorus and Record.

If you are interested in long term reliability can't help you much I only demoed those groupsets I bought record. Campy does have a good reputation for longevity. I have Athena/Chorus 8spd on an 8 yo gios and it's still going strong after much abuse. Best advice is to try both first some people prefer one over the other because of the way shifting feels.
re: Campy Daytona vs Shimano Ultegrabreezydz
Jul 31, 2001 4:27 AM
Try both if you can. I found that both shifted well and that campy brake levers felt more solid than ultegra when I put on the big squeeze. After many years of riding I've found campy does a better job with anything that has bearings and shimano does better with anything that uses a cable.
re: Campy Daytona vs Shimano Ultegrapigdog
Jul 31, 2001 6:28 AM
i am in the process or converting to campy daytona (from ultegra) ... so far i found the Daytona BB / crank seem a fair bit heavier (i would go to chous for the BB/crank if doing it agian)and finding after market wheels is limited to the top end of each product (next to zero used) ... the shifting is different as campy has a pronounced click in the shift ... Shimano shifting was much easier but i like the "feel" of the campy because i have more feedback that the shift has happened ...
bottom line ... all the stuff (campy/shimano) "works" very well ... the $ reduces weight and plastic ... and with bike tech. changing faster that computer ... we will be out there buying new products well before the old are toast
my 2 cents (50 cents Cdn)
both are good, but ...bianchi boy
Jul 31, 2001 7:03 AM
Here are some distinctions. I have Campy Chorus on one bike, Ultegra on another. Both groups work great, but if push came to shove, I would choose the Chorus. I realize this isn't Daytona, but I think it functions similar to Chorus but with lighter weight and more durability.

The Ultegra shifts smoother and takes less pressure to work the levers. However, my Ultegra rubs the front derailleur in the small chainring using 12, 13, 14 cogs. My bike shop has not been able to adjust this to prevent the rub, and trimming doesn't work. The other annoying this Ultegra does is occasionally throw off the chain when shifting from the big to small chainring, and I've heard lots of other Ultegra owners complain about the same problem. I solved this problem by installing a "Chain Watcher," which is available at most bike shops for about $10.

My Chorus group takes more pressure to operate the shifters and doesn't shift quite as smoothly as Ultegra, but it has never missed a shift and seems more precise. It has never thrown the chain when shifting to lower chainring. The Chorus seems more bullet-proof and has yet to need any adjustments after 1,000 miles of use. The shifting also has gotten smoother and easier with time. I chose Chorus for my newest bike because I wanted the 10-speed drivetrain with 13-29 cassette so I could avoid a triple but still have some good climbing gears. I haven't regretted that decision for a minute.
Thanks Bianchi BoyBrian C.
Jul 31, 2001 10:21 AM
Your Ultegra complaints ring familiar and I've wondered how Chorus stacks by comparison.
BTW, on a recent long ride, during a routine shift, the chain fell off, somehow got mixed up with the rear spokes and the rear derailleur was torn off - with a small piece of the wheel drop out. They've had to send the frame back to Italy for repairs.
Get a Chain Watcherbianchi boy
Aug 1, 2001 6:49 AM
If you've got Ultegra, you need a Chain Watcher. My chainstay can attest to that. The Chain Watcher really works, however, and I've never had a problem since I installed it.
Get a Chain Watcher - Not for this problem...Jerry Gardner
Aug 3, 2001 10:16 AM
If you've got Ultegra, you need a Chain Watcher.

The last guy descibed a problem where his chain went off the end of the rear cogs into the spokes. A Chain Watcher won't help in this case. It sounds like he didn't have the limit screws set correctly.