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Will DA cranks fit my 105 Triple?(3 posts)

Will DA cranks fit my 105 Triple?STEELYeyed
Jul 30, 2001 1:11 PM
Yes and no...Mike Prince
Jul 31, 2001 12:59 AM
If you are talking about the latest generation of each (BB-5503 and FC-7700) the answer is yes and no. The spline patterns will match and you can install the DA crank on a 105 BB. The no comes in shifting performance. Shimano specifies a front chainline of 43.5 mm for double setups and the 105 triple BB will widen that by approximately 4.5 mm. A triple front derailleur may be able to reach out that far, but if you have a double der. getting on to the big ring may be impossible even with the limit screw backed all the way out. Also, your chainline will be way off and your drivetrain performance will be poor.

If it were me, I'd spring for an Ultegra (or 105) BB with the 109.5 mm spindle. This will fix the chainline problems you will get with the 118.5 BB.

Hope this helps.
re: Will DA cranks fit my 105 Triple?tkohn
Jul 31, 2001 7:49 PM
I also recently switched my 105 cranks to DA. I can tell you for certain if you are using DA shifters that the front shifting will suck with the long 105 BB. If you are using 105 triple STI shifters then you could probably get away with it. I would recomend the Ultegra BB reguardless.

Good Luck