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Opinion on using Mavic cass. on Campy drivetrain.(5 posts)

Opinion on using Mavic cass. on Campy drivetrain.mannyc
Jul 29, 2001 11:21 PM
I needed opinions on the performance of Mavic Cass. on Campy Chorus drivetrain.I have to use the Mavic cass. because my wheelset are Mavic Heliums,and building up a new bike with Campy.Do they shift as good as a chorus cass?How do they perform?Any problems encountered using this set up?Thanks.
I tried a Mavic CC10, which I'm not sure would be used withbill
Jul 30, 2001 6:37 AM
a Helium hub. Mavic also makes an M10, which I believe is specifically for their hubs. I'm not sure what would be the difference, since they're both Shimano-compatible hubs, and I would not think that the cogs would be any different in feel.
I didn't like the CC10 very much. Not only did the cassette have some compatibility issues with my Cane Creek hub (my LBS, which is pretty good, only managed to get on 9 of the 10 cogs), but the shifting wasn't that great. I went to the Wheels Mfg. 10 sp. cassette for S-compatible hubs, which I thought worked great. It is a little pricey, a little bit heavy, and a bit limited in cog selection (I believe that all of their cogsets begin with an 11 cog, although you may be able to mix and match; I didn't look into that), but the shifting was noticeably better, and all 10 cogs fit onto the hub.
This was a year ago. Mavic (and Wheels) may have changed things since then.
M10 hubs and Heliumsunobtainium
Jul 30, 2001 7:18 AM
The Mavic M10 hubs have a freehub that is longer than standard Shimano freehubs. That is why they have a "positioning wedge" on them that you remove if you install a Mavic M10 cassette. Otherwise you leave it on to install a Shimano cassette. Helium wheels are NOT M10 capabable. You have to use a 10 spd Wheels Mfg cassette which works great (I use one on my Heliums). If you have a M10 Mavic wheels (I have Cosmos which are) it is possible to make you own 10 spd Shimano cassette to fit. You have to reduce the spacer thickness by .008"(using a flat file), add an 11 tooth cog and get a 11 tooth lock ring. I did this with a DurAce 23-12 and it works but frame clearance is tight(.006") with the DurAce as the 17-19 cogs cannot be split as can the Ultegra. You cannot do this with a Helium unless you get the 19-23 gear cluster machined.
sell the heliums....C-40
Jul 30, 2001 8:43 AM
In the long run, you'd be better off to sell the heliums and get a campy compatible wheelset.

The Mavic cassette won't fit and the Wheels Mfg. cassette is $130.

Colorado Cyclist currently has sales on all custom wheels with free shipping. Lots of choices that are as light as Heliums.
Well, it appears he probably could use the Mavic CC10, whichbill
Jul 30, 2001 9:41 AM
is a little bit cheaper (although still fairly pricey at about $100, if I recall, and may not work quite as well as the Wheels cogset). The poor guy thought that he could get away with a slight modification in the drivetrain for relatively modest sums, and now you're talking him into spending another $200 at least.
But I hear what you're saying. I ultimately decided to sell my Cane Creeks because I couldn't switch out my Ksyriums and Cane Creeks without readjusting the rear derailer because of the slight incompatibility between the Wheels cassette on the Cane Creek hub and a Chorus cassette on the Ksyriums. While the adjustment could be made with the barrel shifter, it was just enough of a pain (along with realizing that I NEVER used the 11 cog) to make me want something a little more elegant.