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Ultegra Triple Shifting Issues(3 posts)

Ultegra Triple Shifting IssuesDan D
Jul 29, 2001 12:11 PM
I have upgraded a Trek 5200 with original Ultegra 600 8-spd to a 9-spd triple. I used all of the proper components (118 mm BB,new cranks, new long cage rear der, new front der, new PC-59 chain, new shifters). In the middle ring, I get the "impending shift" noise in the easiest four cogs in the rear. Not surprisingly, and less of a concern, is the same noise in the big-ring/little cog and little ring/big cog combos (Not supposed to be there, right!). Any ideas on the middle ring issue?
Triples can be a little tricky to get set up.Spoke Wrench
Jul 29, 2001 1:30 PM
It sounds to me like you have both limit screws set in too tight. Try this:
1. Shift into the little chainring, big cog combination. totally disconnect the shift cable. Adjust the low gear limit screw until the chain just misses rubbing the derailleur cage.
2. Try to shift into the middle chainring. If the inner cage rubs the chain, see if a "half shift" (there are four shift positions) will make it stop. If it's OK, shift the rear onto the smallest cog and see if you have chain rub. Using the two middle positions on your shifter and cable tension adjustments you should be able to eliminate chain rub on all 9 rear cog positions.
3. With the chain on the small cog, try to shift into the big ring. If it won't shift, dial out the high gear limit screw about 1/2 turn at a time until the chain will shift and not rub.

If that doesn't work, E-mail me and I'll walk you through a couple of other tricks.
Triples can be a little tricky to get set up.Steve Bailey
Jul 29, 2001 1:57 PM
Also make certain the cable is attached to front derailer fixing bolt on the BOTTOM of the bolt, not the top.

See the Shimano instructions for a clear picture.

It does make a difference.