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need advice on a non-steel frame(2 posts)

need advice on a non-steel frameWes
Jul 28, 2001 7:58 PM
I'm looking out for a new frame (probably will outfit with Campy Chorus). Currently I ride a Ritchey Road Logic with D/A. It rides like a dream, very stable, predictable and comfortable. But it's about 20.5 lbs.

I'm looking to do something a bit lighter and foul weather resistant but I don't have a huge budget (let's keep it under $1000) for the frame and fork combo. I've been looking at a few Bianchi's and the Pinarello Surprise which comes with a carbon fork for $800.

Any suggestions, critiques and comments on the frames above would be welcome. I'm open to Cannondales and the such, but I haven't really researched them yet. Pretty much I just want the best aluminum frame/fork I can get for under $1K.

re: need advice on a non-steel frameWes
Jul 28, 2001 8:04 PM
sorry all. I didn't realize I posted in the components area. I'll repost in the general message board