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Hed and Zipp disc wheels(2 posts)

Hed and Zipp disc wheelsAndy
Jul 26, 2001 3:00 PM
I noticed the MSRP for a 2001 Zipp disc wheel is over $800 while the MSRP for a Hed disc is only $500. Is the Zipp wheel really worth the extra $300 to $380 ???
re: depends...Akirasho
Jul 26, 2001 3:52 PM
ZIPP's are lighter, but use a flat surface (as opposed to HED's lenticular design) and only come in tubular versions.

HED's are a bit heavier (not necessarily a problem, especially over flat courses), use somewhat simplier materials and build techniques, but come in both clincher and tubular versions.

There is still debate as to the aero efficiency of flat sides vs. lenticular on disc wheels, but I believe that the slight nod goes to lenticular...

Which is best??? Hard to say. Currently, I'm running both company's tubular versions (700C HED and 650C ZIPP). I don't believe that I can make a direct comparison (during a race, I'd be hard pressed to notice which sublte variables make me faster or slower...) but believe that the HED (both tubular and clincher) represents a greater "value" (as do most of their wheelsets).

I don't have enough miles on either disc to comment on durability, though I've experienced no problems so far...

Be the bike.