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Do STI shifters wear out?(2 posts)

Do STI shifters wear out?Spectre
Jul 24, 2001 1:21 PM
I have a pair of older 8-speed STI shifter. The shifting on the bike doesn't seem as precise as it used to be even with new Gore-tex shifter cables.

Do STI shifters wear out instead of breaking altogether?
Suregrzy mnky
Jul 24, 2001 4:46 PM
Yes, buddy of mine finally had to retire a set of 8 sp. STI after and estimated 35,000 miles!

Like anything mechanical they will wear and the degree is dependant upon the conditions of use. Something full of dirt and grime, riden hard and put away wet will not last as long. the inner guts could just have a bunch of dirt in them *or* they could be worn out. People blast them with things like WD-40 and TriFlow and can get them working again. You can try rebuilding them, but it's a nightmare and there aren't any spare parts or instructions available from Shimano - just maybe some sub-assemblies, assuming you can find anyone that has them. They really weren't meant to be rebuilt by the user.

Too bad the cable thing didn't work that works most of the time. Just out of curiousity verify the cable diameter of the Gore-tex setup - you may be binding where the cable exits the shifter. Both Campy and Shimano products area bit fussy when it comes to cable sets and even the viscosity of the lube used. The goretex cables also break down over time (the coating comes off the cable) and then clogs the housing. Try slapping a set of new Shimano cables and housings on and check all housing exits are nice and round - I use an awl to get things round again after cutting the housing with quality cutters.