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Bad tire experience - Clement Tourmalet.(4 posts)

Bad tire experience - Clement Tourmalet.jw25
Jul 24, 2001 10:34 AM
Seeing as there's no review for these, and a bunch seem to have gone on the market recently, I thought I'd share and see if I'm in the minority.
I picked up a Tourmalet rear tire (it's not the Pro, but the folding model with the bright yellow sidewall) from Supergo for $10. I put a few training rides on it, nothing too hard, and found it to be fairly comfortable (it's a big 23, though) with no glaring weaknesses.
Then I left it on for a race last Sunday (Murrysville Classic in southwest PA), and seem to have found a weakness. The first climb, I was out of the saddle, and thought I felt some slippage. The road looked clean, and it was bone-dry, but I didn't really think about it (I was inside a Cat. 5 pack, after all...). Then, heading into a downhill 90 degree corner, I got a lot of tire skipping, enough that I'm surprised I stayed up. This was not good confidence-wise, and I probably slowed too much for the corners on the next two laps.
I'm sure it didn't cost me the win, but I feel like I could have placed better had I not lost faith. I've also never had a tire slip in the rear under power, not even the Specialized Turbo Sports with similar density rubber.
I weigh 145 lbs, and had the tire at 105 psi. The tread rubber feels pretty hard; is it possible I got one from a bad batch?
So, I guess the lesson here is to test tires before racing them. Anyone else have a similar experience?
Good tire experience - Clement Venotux.Nutz
Jul 24, 2001 11:23 AM
I am currently on the Ventoux, that I picked up on sale from Excel last winter. I find it a very good tire, suitable for fast training or racing. Won't get more than 2000-2500 miles out of the rear, but wouldn't expect it from any good tire. While I like a good deal, I'd be real wary of $10 tires.
racing on $10 tires???Rusty McNasty
Jul 25, 2001 6:53 AM
gee, what were you trying to win? the cheapskate prize??
BTW, while i'm at it, i would like to point out that tubulars never slip.
ill 2nd rusty! why save $'s on your only point of contactdupe
Jul 26, 2001 10:36 PM
you are riding on perhaps 2 square inches of surface area and if you are racing i would want the most sticky and surefooted contact surface available.

save money on jerseys not rubber.