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Do I need new 53 ring with upgrade to 10(6 posts)

Do I need new 53 ring with upgrade to 10Colnag40
Jul 24, 2001 8:11 AM
Have just recently upgraded from Record 8 to Record 10 (upgraded ergo levers, rear derailleur and chain). Been having difficulty with shifting up and down on the chainrings (53/39), either it won't shift up on demand and then sometimes throws the chain over, or it won't easily drop down to the 39. Is this more of a problem with the limit adjustments for the front derailleur or am I having some compatibility problems with the narrower 10 spd chain and the '96 vintage Record 53 ring. BTW, front derailleur seems to work just fine - so I don't believe that is my problem.

re: Do I need new 53 ring with upgrade to 10Ken
Jul 24, 2001 9:44 AM
Don't know if this is related or not. But two weeks ago I decided to swap out the Coda triple crank which has 52/42/30 chainwheels for the Ultregra triple which has the exact same tooth count on my Cannondale T800. After my LBS got it all installed I took it out for a test ride. I went from big ring to middle ring to granny, then from granny to middle ring. I couldn't get it onto the big ring. Whenever I tried to shift into the big ring I would hear grinding of the chain with the front derailour cage. I showed it to my LBS and he noticed that the Ultegra big ring was about 0.75mm larger than the Coda one. He proceeded to move the front derailour higher on the seat tube by a similiar amount to accomodate the larger chainring with the result that now I have no shifting problems. Weird, I thought all 52t chainrings were the same in diameter. Guess I was wrong.

re: Do I need new 53 ring with upgrade to 10Cliff Oates
Jul 24, 2001 1:01 PM
FWIW, when I was first setting up my Chorus 10 bike, the derailleur was very sensitive to vertical position. It took some tweaking before I got it just right, and before I did I was dropping the chain to either side depending on whether it was too high (drop to the inside) or too low and binding a little on the big ring (drop to the outside). I have had 8 speed and presently also have a 9 speed bike and neither one was anywhere near that sensitive.
re: Do I need new 53 ring with upgrade to 10mackgoo
Jul 24, 2001 10:29 AM
I believe it's the spacing that's different between the two chain rings. I think they are closer together for the narower chain. Check out they have a pretty good info base on what can be used and how to upgrade what needs to be up graded.
re: Do I need new 53 ring with upgrade to 10mackgoo
Jul 24, 2001 10:34 AM
Just checked it out. You do need the outer chain ring.
need 10 speed ring & front derailleur....C-40
Jul 24, 2001 1:19 PM
The front derailleur has a plastic insert that aids in shifting the narrow 10 speed chain. For best results, you should get the new derailleur and the 53 chainring, which is set closer to the little ring.