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Loosing Pressure when Releasing Pump(4 posts)

Loosing Pressure when Releasing Pumpwink
Jul 23, 2001 8:40 AM
Maybe I am a dummy, but I am having a hell of time getting my high pressure pump off of my tires without lossing air pressure. I have a pump with a pressure gauge with a little finger locking device. I pump up the tire to 120-130, but when I try to get the pump off..hssssss and I loose about 40 - 50 lbs. Any ideas? Thanks
buy a better pump! nmRusty McNasty
Jul 23, 2001 9:25 AM
If it's a floor pump....jba
Jul 23, 2001 11:57 AM
If it's a floor pump, replace the chuck with a Silca chuck. These brass beauties cost about $12 at a bike shop and should solve that problem. There's no tricky lever to seal off the valve. Did you check the tube's valve. Maybe it's slow to close?
More likely...curtis
Jul 23, 2001 7:14 PM
...that little WOOSH of air you are hearing is what's left in the HOSE on your pump. If you are using Presta valves, the air pressure in the tire is sufficient to keep the valve closed. If you are REALLY losing 40-50 psi, I would say it's a flaw in one or both of your guages.