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duraAce 8/9 spd bar end shifters - with 10 positions ?(5 posts)

duraAce 8/9 spd bar end shifters - with 10 positions ?dotkaye
Jul 23, 2001 8:26 AM
attempting to install these shifters. In index (SIS) mode, the RH shifter has 10 distinct positions, of which 8 are 'clean', that is, the 'click' is sharp and precise. The first and tenth positions are sloppy, feels like the lever is hitting the housing and not completing the shift correctly. I don't seem to be able to get decent shifting whether I start the adjustments from the first (sloppy) position, or the second (first 'clean' position). Using 9-speed ultegra rear der and cassette.

Anyone have any experience with these ? is the shifter defective or is this something built in to deal with the 8-speed compatibility ?
tia, Doug
re: duraAce 8/9 spd bar end shifters - with 10 positions ?Rusty Coggs
Jul 23, 2001 5:08 PM
Do you have 8 speed or 9 speed DA barends? they aren't the same 8 speed DA shifters only work with pre 9 speed DA rear derailers. If they are 9 speed they should work perfectly with your 9 speed ultegra stuff. Put the right shifter in a position as far down or toward the ground as possible(probably your first sloppy position),before ataching the cable to the derailer when the chain is on the small cog. That's where mine start and they work perfectly.Did they not come with instructions?
re: duraAce 8/9 spd bar end shifters - with 10 positions ?tkohn
Jul 23, 2001 8:18 PM
Not totally accurate, Shimano claims that 8 speed DA shifters will work with a 9 speed DA rear derailleur if you use an alternate cable mounting position. Now here is where it gets grey; since 9 speed DA is standardized with the rest of the road groups will the 8 speed DA shifter work with an Ultegra rear derailleur using the alternate mounting position? I have never tried the last combo but I wouldn't bet on it being to reliable or smooth.

my $.02

re: Kinda right....Rusty Coggs
Jul 24, 2001 5:29 AM
When using the 9 speed DA RD there are two cable mounting positions Position A works with St-7700 levers to shift a 9 speed cluster,and with st-6400 levers th shift an 8 speed sprocket. Position B is used with st-7400 levers to shift an 8 speed sprocket. This from Shimano instructions for the RD-7700 DA rear derailer. Depends on whether one is trying to shift an 8 or 9 speed cluster.
what worked..dotkaye
Jul 24, 2001 7:53 AM
the shifters came with instructions saying they're compatible with DuraAce 8spd and 9spd rear ders, but no indication of any different install for 8 or 9 speed. (Sheldon, in fact) suggested the b-screw tension needed adjustment, think this was the problem.. using first (sloppy) position, can now get decent shifting. The tenth position isn't reached because of the limit screw, so it seems to be OK. Now I just have to get the long bolt for the front brake to fit it to the new carbon fork, and I can actually ride my new secondhand bike.. hah!