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'97 vintage Chorus rear derailluer(3 posts)

'97 vintage Chorus rear derailluerveloboy
Jul 23, 2001 6:45 AM
I need a new Chorus 9-speed rear derailleur, old one destroyed in a crash. I looked on Excel's website and saw that the new 2001 9-speped derailleurs don't work on the older ergo-systems. Anyone know why? I heard something about the newer carbon rear derailleurs index differently?

If this is true, where do I get a replacement for it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
E-bay!!Cima Coppi
Jul 23, 2001 7:57 AM
Not quite sure why new 9-speed won't work, but you can find lots of older Campy 9-speed derailleurs on E-bay. Make sure to only consider the ones that have photos, so you can see the condition of the part.

Good luck,

It should work...TJeanloz
Jul 23, 2001 9:46 AM
According to Campy, the new 9 speed rear derailluers won't work with old levers. What they did is move the B-Tension screw to the underside of the derailluer, and they claim to have changed the parrallelogram in the process. I've tested all the possible combinations, and it seems to work fine. But, if you want to be 100% kosher, you can have your ergo lever overhauled with a new shift disc put in, which should run in the neighborhood of $75.