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Cinelli bars won't stop creaking-(3 posts)

Cinelli bars won't stop creaking-Dave1213
Jul 23, 2001 4:37 AM
I have a quill stem w/ Cinelli bars and I can't get them to stop creaking. I've removed/replaced greased the single clamp bolt etc. but the creak continues without even really torquing them. Any suggestions appreciated!
grease the bar/stem interface?jw25
Jul 23, 2001 7:40 AM
If that's not the culprit, are they 1 piece bars, or do they have a shim to bring the center to 26.0mm? If shimmed, try a drop or two of light oil on each side.
If they still creak, I'd be worried. Check the bar for stress cracks and burnishing, right around the spots where the stem clamps down. Burnishing, especially in lines that follow the stem clamp, can indicate fatigue. If this is present, replace the bars, but first smooth down the clamp. The grooved clamp stems, like the Cinelli XA, are particularly bad with lightweight bars, but any sharp edges in the clamp will cause a decrease in bar life.
If neither of these are the cause, try checking your headset for proper adjustment - that's caused bar creaks for me in the past. Just like "BB" creaks that really come from the seatpost or saddle, bar breaks can come from anything up front, with the headset being the most likely. I find that a drop or two of light oil on the crown race/steerer junction also helps quiet things down, though this should have been greased before assembly.
Hope this helps. Jon
Problem is....grzy mnky
Jul 23, 2001 12:34 PM
The problem is that the quill stem is moving in the fork steerer tube. Your bars are probably fine, but it sounds like it's coming from them. You either need a better quill stem (they all do it to some extent), go threadless (lots of $$$), or get some stailess steel shim stock and fill the space. Or else crank up your headphones ;-)