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removing "King" label fro CK HS(4 posts)

removing "King" label fro CK HSJohnG
Jul 21, 2001 1:15 PM
Has anyone removed the "CHRIS KING" lettering from a colored CK head set? I tied an enamel reducer and no go. I don't want to jack-up the black base color so I haven't gone at it with anything "serious" like paint remover. I suspect the letters and base color are an epoxy or powder coat of some kind.... ??? A polish might work but I think the black base might take a beating with that also.

re: removing "King" label fro CK HSpezzo33
Jul 21, 2001 2:47 PM
the letters are laser etched, so they will be kinda impossible to get off. short of grinding down and polishing the whole headset, I do nt know of anyway to get rid of them..
mind if I ask why? just do not feel like advertising?
you got the best headset out there, I would keep it the way it is. If you really need to have it not known you are using a King, then color in the letters, but you will be hard pressed to get rid of them.
hope this helps
culture clash and moreJohnG
Jul 21, 2001 3:02 PM
Hmmm.... the letters "feel" like they are above the base color. I would have thought that laser etching would leave an indentation. Oh well.... It's certainly NOT worth major time investment. If the chars stay put then I can live with that.

Explanation: The HS is going on a Euro frame so I want to keep the clash of cultures to a minimum.... ;) Besides, IMHO a HS should be non discript and the eye should be drawn primarily to the frame and wheels.

culture clash and morejschrotz
Jul 21, 2001 11:31 PM
"a HS should be non discript. . ."

But surely not in the case of a Chris King. The CK headset enjoys nearly legendary status, you should be proud you've got one. I know I am of mine.