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8 speed freewheel on 6 speed hub?(4 posts)

8 speed freewheel on 6 speed hub?marky
Jul 20, 2001 11:11 AM
I would like to use my old road wheels on my new cyclcross project. Can I use a new 8 speed freewheel on a hub originally designed for a 6 speed freewheel? The wheels are Ambrosio Metamorphosis Durex Professional tubulars laced to Ofmega hubs.
Jul 20, 2001 11:51 AM
re: You can rarely change just one part on a bicycle.Spoke Wrench
Jul 20, 2001 3:46 PM
6 speed hubs are designed around 126mm dropout spacing. 8 speed wheels are designed for 130mm dropout spacing. What are you using for a frame?

If your frame has 130mm spacing it's technically possible to install an 8 speed freewheel provided you also install the appropriate 8-speed axle set. You will have to redish your rear wheel so that the tire is centered in the frame.

Ever wonder why hardly anyone uses 8 speed spin-on freewheels? It's because they're a bad idea. The right side wheelbearing on a hub with an 8 speed freewheel is almost centered between the dropouts. Can you say "bent axle"? Cassette hubs move the right side bearing into the cassette almost all of the way out to the dropout.
re: 8 speed freewheel on 6 speed hub?Rusty McNasty
Jul 23, 2001 4:15 AM
You could, but you will have to spread the dropouts on the frame, and you will most likely need to re-dish the wheel. as a previous poster pointed out, you will be at a greater risk of bending an axle. This should be seriously considered, especially for cyclocross use.