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bike bags / cases(4 posts)

bike bags / casesrudi
Jul 19, 2001 5:13 PM
I was hoping someone might know of a good, reasonably priced bike bag / case for taking my bag on the plane etc. I have seen one by Kona, (a bag) but am unsure just how sturdy this would be when they chucked my bike in the cargo hold! Am I better to buy a case? or are some bags well padded enough to take the sort of abuse thrown at them by luggage attendants?
Also what sort of price is reasonable, and should I expect to pay the airline for "bicycle transport", or can I just use the bike (packed up) as part of my luggage allowance?

Thanks for any thoughts / ideas on this.

Rudi K
re: bike bags / casesPaulCL
Jul 19, 2001 5:41 PM
I bought a hard case from Trico - $259 at Col. cyclist. Personally, I wouldn't trust a soft side case. You should be able to rent a case at you LBS - but it will be expensive. I rented one for a week that cost me $115! So, I bought one for the next trip.

As for expense...officially, you should be charged. Delta charges an extra $80 EACH way. Check the archives on this and the general board for ideas about how to 'get around' that charge.

P.S. Where are you going??
agree that Trico is worthwhilejohnrg
Jul 22, 2001 12:48 PM
I rented a hard case once but had no straps and sides collapsed. I decided to purchase the Trico as with the security of the straps and plenty of foam my bike has always arrived in good shape. I send my bike cross country UPS for $50 each way including insurance. Case is very nice with integrated handles some cases do not have.
re: bike bags / casesMike Prince
Jul 20, 2001 12:17 AM
Having used a padded bike bag for most of the past year for trips between the US and Europe, I would recommend a hard case. My soft bag has worked well but on my last trip back to Europe I carried a brand new bike and the chainrings got bent. An easy fix and the first bit of damage to a bike with that case over 7 or 8 trips, but it made me sick to see my new bike damaged this way and I couldn't ride until I got to a shop to get new rings.

You should expect to pay the baggage fee and if you can get around it that is a bonus. Interestingly, on international flights I have never had to pay to check the bike through. My last trip had a connection in the US on the way back and they tried to get me to pay until I pointed out that I was going to Europe. That resulted in an apology from the gate agent and my bike went through. Interesting.

I think I paid about $140 for my soft case, I would expect to pay twice that for a hard-shell case unless you find a sale. I know Supergo had a deal recently on their house brand hard case and Performance sells them as well. If your bike is real big (>62 cm or so) you may have some problems fitting that into certain cases.