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Speedplay X/3 Pedals(5 posts)

Speedplay X/3 Pedalsbonsai171
Jul 18, 2001 1:17 PM
I'm interested in the Speedplay X/3 pedals, but I don't know much about them. Does anyone have these pedals and care to comment? The only thing I know about them is that they have a cup shape cleat that you push down onto your pedals. I also noticed that a few bike magazines I have (nashbar and performance) sell biking shoes too, but they don't say anything about compatibility with Speedplay pedals.. How do you know if the shoes will work with Speedplay? Also, how do you get out of the pedals? Do they ever come out accidentally? How long do the cleats usually last? Thanks so much.

Speedplay - love'emMike K
Jul 18, 2001 2:03 PM
I have X2's which are pretty much the same deal as X3's but with SS spindles and a little less weight, etc.
I love these to death - I've had knee problems in the past which led me to Speedplay 2 years ago - never going back - riding Frogs on my MTB too..
To get out you simply rotate your heel out away from the bike. They do take a little to get used to - a lot of people describe their first few hundred yards on these as being a bit like ice skating - this odd feeling goes away very quickly and all that's left is nice, almost unlimited float..
Cleats seem to last a long time. Some people swap them out after a season's use but I've had mine for the last 2 (apx 8k miles so far) without any problems (I do keep mine lubed, usually before every ride or two which might explain why mine are still OK).
Shoes that will work with LOOK cleats will work with Speedplay cleats. There is a bunch of information on compatibility at the Speedplay web site (
And, I've never blown out of these by accident (but X2's take a bit more to release than X3's so that might not hold). Some people complain of "hot spots" but I think that this has more to do with shoes and cleat placement than with the pedal system itself.
Speedplay - love'embonsai171
Jul 18, 2001 7:15 PM
Wow, these pedals sounds really cool! I would like to try them out sometime, do you think a bike store would let me do that? All I have to do now is try them out. This sounds very exciting. I just remembered something else, is the cleat made of metal or plastic? Is it easy to walk in? If not, that's ok too, I'll just get wierd looks on campus when I ride my bike to class sometimes and occasionally fall over ! lol.. It's interesting that you mention knees too. I've had a bad knee since '96, and watching friends use look pedals seemed very painful. I hope they work out! Thanks for all your help.

re: Speedplay X/3 Pedalsds13
Jul 19, 2001 7:34 AM
Cleats are metal and speedplay makes a cover for them that makes it easy to walk in
re: Speedplay X/3 Pedalsbagman
Jul 24, 2001 6:53 AM
i just started using them ... i found they have helped my knee problems ...but ...i do find i tend to knock my heel against the stays when i'm out of the saddle climbing ... also i find them tricky to get into ... i loosened off the screws ... maybe i should lube them ... what do u suggest for the lube technique?