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single speed rear > 39/53 crank = chain tensioner ???(1 post)

single speed rear > 39/53 crank = chain tensioner ???wes_london
Jul 18, 2001 4:54 AM
yet ANOTHER build project.

i have a nice road frame that i cant bear to sell and would like to know if there is a possibilty to make a single speed from it BUT with a twist.

i am planning on building a flip-flop rear wheel and as i have a few bastard hills between me and everywhere i plan to ride i am trying to figure out whether i can keep my 39/53 crankset. apart from using an old rear derailleur are there any chain tensioner's that will do the job required.

in effect i am trying to make a sort of minimal two speed with a front derailleur and a single brake caliper. should i try something a litlle closer in ring sizes like a 42/50 to limit the length of chain required.

am i absolutely mad or is there a way to do this. and still keep reasonable chain tesnion and alignment. this bike will serve mostly as a commuter.

any advice is appreciated.

ciao, wes