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Gear Problems(4 posts)

Gear ProblemsGTrider215
Jul 17, 2001 6:24 PM
Hey, i bought a trek 1000 a lil while ago. I recently hit a pot whole and did something to my tire so i took my bike to my LBS and they fixed it and they were workign on my gears. When i left the store it was in the lowest sprocket. But when i try to move the left shifter over its really hard and the derailer thingy just clicks against the chain. How do i adjust it or soemthing to get it to shift into my highest sprocket without having to take it back to the LBS. Thanks help me out.
re: Gear ProblemsJofa
Jul 18, 2001 2:35 AM
Given that you said the left shifter, I presume you mean you can't shift from the small chainring to the large one (the ones by your feet). I doubt the LBS will have done much to this, except that your visit may have co-incided with the bike's first service; the most I'd expect is that they pulled the cable through a little, which should help, not prohibit shifts.

Firstly, follow this link for everything you need to know about adjusting the front mech:

Maybe before wading through that, just check to see that the front mech (the mechanism that shoves the chain from one c'ring to the other) hasn't got pushed down the seattube, or twisted, such that it fouls the big c'ring. This is easy to see as it will have left a mark on the s/t indicationg where it should be.

The front mech operates vey simply; try shifting the bike on a stand, or with a friend holding the back wheel aloft, and you should see what's happening.... it might be a slight cable adjustment, that's all.
take it back..d_alex
Jul 18, 2001 4:10 AM
......your explanation has lead me to believe several things:
1) you can't adequately explain WHAT is wrong, so nobody is going to be able to answer your question accurately, anyway
2) you know nothing about repairing bikes, so don't even try to do it yourself
3) the people at your bike shop do $h!tty work, and I would avoid using them in the future
re: Gear ProblemsRusty McNasty
Jul 19, 2001 4:00 AM
Gee, front derailers are slightly less complicated than a flush toilet to fix. If you haven't figured out how to fix it yet, you never will. Bring it back to the shop.