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What exactly do i do for 7cogs and 8sp shifters, building wh(3 posts)

What exactly do i do for 7cogs and 8sp shifters, building whktstellar
Jul 17, 2001 5:18 AM
I am building a wheel for my bike. I have a 105 7sp hub, dura ace 7sp freewheel, cxp33 rims, and dura ace 8sp sti shifters and derailleur. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to build the wheels and if there were any precautions before i jump in (like if i can put any spacers in to make it work close to perfect and where do i put them? thanks for all the input and wish me luck!!
no spacers, but some adjustmentsjw25
Jul 17, 2001 8:32 AM
As long as the hub fits your frame, the only thing you'll need to do is watch the rear derailleur limit adjustments, and give the shifter one click before you tighten the cable bolt.
In other words, you have one extra click at the bottom of the cluster - this seems to work better than one extra at the top, since a loosening of the limit screw, and a fogged brain searching for one more gear, could lead to a chain in the spokes, and that's a bad thing.
Have fun. Jon
Why not just do it right?Spoke Wrench
Jul 17, 2001 4:04 PM
It looks to me like you have some pretty good stuff and are planning to do quite a bit of work. That's a lot of effort to still wind up with a cobbled together bike. 7 speed and 8 speed cassette spacings are just a hair different. You can cobble together that combination and it will kind of work, but it doesn't work to my satisfaction. Now is your chance to upgrade to an 8-speed freehub body and cassette before you spend your time and money building up a 7-speed wheel that doesn't match your shifters. If you are going to that much work, you deserve better.