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Is white lithium grease suitable for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(11 posts)

Is white lithium grease suitable for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 16, 2001 4:44 PM
packing bearings? I want to grease my hubs tonight and only have white lithiub grease.
re: Is white lithium grease suitable for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>jba
Jul 16, 2001 8:15 PM
I've used it a few times and haven't discovered any adverse effects. Lately, I use Phil Wood's Bearing Grease, but the white stuff works well.

Once i use some heavy duty marine bearing grease. It was this blue, glue-like stuff that I though would work even better since it was used in marine situations and was really waterproof! Well, it was complete crap. The stuff was hell to work with and acted just like glue... the wheel wouldn't spin by hand even with the bearings tightened lightly! The worst part was cleaning the blue gunk off the bearings and hub.

Anyway, have fun with the bearings tonight!

it's too thin....d_alex
Jul 17, 2001 6:13 AM
..and it lacks the water repellancy inherant in good bike grease. The other poster found that marine grease was too thick, although it's water repellancy is second to none. I would assume that if you use the white lithium grease, as long as you clean it all out and replace it very soon, you won't do any damage. I wouldn't go more than maybe 10 miles on it, though. Moly grease for car bearings would be a better alternative, and it's found in any auto parts stores, as well as many supermarkets. Some of my old bikes use that stuff.
What nonsense!Kerry Irons
Jul 17, 2001 6:48 PM
While I no longer use it, and it is not the most water repellent stuff around, lithium grease works fine for bikes. I started using it in the 60's and used it EXCLUSIVELY for nearly 30 years. I put 90k miles on a set of Campy hubs, pedals, and cranks using only lithium grease (Lubriplate, and before that the stuff sold in Schwinn shops). The bearings, cups, and cones were all in good shape after 90k miles. The only time I would repack the bearings was during the annual overhaul or if I got caught in a long, heavy downpour. Campy grease was lithium for many years. It's one thing to recommend something better (I've found the Slick 50 grease is good stuff, but Pedro's is not), but to say lithium grease is only good for 10 miles is pure bunk.
What nonsense!d_alex
Jul 18, 2001 4:16 AM
I was assuming that he was referring to the stuff in the aerosol can.
What nonsense!Bill Peters
Jul 19, 2001 11:06 AM
Aerosol? What are you talking about? Grease in a spray can? Why do you offer advise, when you do not have a clue. While lithium grease is not the ultimate choice it should work just fine. I would recomend 'Dura Ace' grease. It has a toxic green hue and seems to be good at both protecting bearing assemblies from the elements as well as spinning well.
What nonsense!grzy mnky
Jul 19, 2001 2:48 PM
Isn't "Ultegra" grease a better value? ;-)

Got me a tube of Phil grease and it has lasted for a long time - I even somehow wound up with someone else's tube in my box so now I have two - should last long enough for me to grease the bearing in my wheelchair - when I get there.
re: Is white lithium grease suitable for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>grzy mnky
Jul 18, 2001 8:51 AM
Not really. It'll work and has been used for years. However the stuff does tend to dry out and cake up a bit. I used to use it years ago (Lubriplate in a tube) on boats and bikes, but now am fan of Phil Wood bike grease. Heck I even use it on things like lawn mowers and chainsaws - in fact anything. Kinda puzzled by the "waterproof claim" - like what grease does mix with water?
you'd be surprised what happens.jw25
Jul 18, 2001 11:35 AM
Grease is basically oil with a thickening agent added. In lithium greases, the agent is a lithium "soap". Unfortunately, this soap will absorb water, which leads to thinning and breakdown of the grease, and if left alone, a lot of rust.
"Waterproof" greases have additives which do repel water, as well as different thickening agents, for the most part. They aren't truly waterproof, but will not absorb water and break down, hence the marine designation.
Personally, bike components are pretty lightly used, compared to trailer wheel bearings and whatnot. Pretty much anything that keeps the bearings from galling will do, as long as it's replaced periodically, and the bearings kept in good adjustment. The claims of different bicycle greases always crack me up, in terms of friction reduction or whatever.
re: Is white lithium grease suitable for >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Skip
Jul 19, 2001 1:39 PM
I had been using Phil's, but my LBS recommended Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease. A 1 # tub is only $4.99 at the local motorcycle shop. It claims: "maximum lubrication and corrosion protection for wheelbearings, bushings, bearings, and all chassis lubrication points. Excellent for saltwater and freshwater marine use. Longer lasting lubrication, maintains consistency-will not thin out, won't swell seals or O-rings, waterproof-will not wash out." Automotive,Marine, Motorcycle. Emarald green grease. My LBS says they have been very pleased with it; and use it in both Mnt. bikes, and road bikes.
Philgrzy mnky
Jul 19, 2001 2:52 PM
Phil Wood & Co. probably just get this stuff in a 55 gal. drum and put it in their nice little tubes to sell to us bike-purists. You could probably slap on the label "marine" or "aviation" and sell it for even more.

Recently splurged on some Phil Tenacious Oil. Oooooo.....