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What to replace to go from Triple to Double with Ultegra(3 posts)

What to replace to go from Triple to Double with UltegraWilliam - Guest
Jul 16, 2001 1:25 PM
I have 2000 Ultegra Triple group and I want to change from a triple to a double chain ring. I know that I need a new Bottom Bracket and a new Rear Derailleur. I think I also need a new Front Derailleur, and possibly a new crankset...but do I also need a new front STI shift lever? I know that the 2001 Ultegra STI levers are compatible with both double and triple setups, but are the 2000 levers also compatible?
re: What to replace to go from Triple to Double with Ultegragrzy mnky
Jul 16, 2001 3:31 PM
Well, you could take off the small chainring and replace the middle 42 tooth CR with a 39 and call it a double. Not many would know the difference.

The MY2000 double and triple use the same shifters. If you get the double crank then you should get the double BB (6 mm shorter spindle length which affects the chainline and shifting performance). The front der. could be replaced with a double, but the tripple may work. the only difference on the rear der is the long vs. short cage - you may actually want the long cage if you decide to run a large cogset. Should run you around $220 if you get the parts online. You will need the BB tool and some Allen wrenches, but that's about it.

You could probably trade with someone unless you live someplace really flat and a triple is just not needed by anyone. Lots of people get the double set up then want to get a triple.
re: What to replace to go from Triple to Double with Ultegrasidley
Jul 17, 2001 12:10 PM
I made this same conversion earlier this summer, and coincidentally, received good advice from grz monkey.

If you've got the cash, upgrade to Dura Ace crankset with Ulegra BB (don't buy DA BB there are supposedly crap). I don't have the cash but did it anyway, and have never been happier. It is like having a whole new bike.

Also, in light of my low flow, I tried to get by with my old long cage derailer but ended up going back to the shop and getting a short cage installed just a couple of days later. I could not eliminate chain rub in something like 12 gears.

You don't need a new rear derailer.