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6 spd wheel with 8 speed groupo(3 posts)

6 spd wheel with 8 speed groupoEver Ready
Jul 16, 2001 9:14 AM
I have a older 6 spd bike that I would like to keep the frame
and wheels and upgrade the groupo. I have found some very
reasonable prices for an 8 spd Ultegra groupo. The wheelset
is a still pretty good Mavic Classics. The current components
are all Dura-Ace. My question is, will an 8 speed groupo fit
on the 6 speed wheels? Do I need to buy a new set of wheels
as well? Note, I really blew the wad on a recent purchase
of a Trek 5500. I'll be in double 'secret' detention with the
wife if I start cutting more big checks! Thanks!
It depends...TJeanloz
Jul 16, 2001 9:28 AM
If it's a 6 speed freewheel, which is likely, you can buy an 8 speed freewheel and be done with it- you may need to change axles too. But be warned, an 8spd freewheel isn't cheap.

If it's a cassette, at the bare minimum, you'll need a new rear hub. It can be laced back onto the old rim. It would probably be easier to buy a new rear wheel that will accept an 8speed cassette.
re: 6 spd wheel with 8 speed groupod_alex
Jul 16, 2001 9:29 AM
A gruppo INCLUDES hubs. If you are just getting a cassette, it's not a gruppo. No, an 8 speed cassette will NOT fit your 6-speed wheel. You MIGHT be able to replace your freehub (if it HAS one-again not likely-most 6-speeds use a freewheel, not a cassette), redish the wheel, spread the dropouts (not possible on an aluminum frame), etc.