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phil wood bb/tires for nucleon?(2 posts)

phil wood bb/tires for nucleon?nanosky
Jul 15, 2001 8:30 PM
is anyone using magnium/ti bb?...can't make up my mind between mag/ti or alloy/ti...don't want to ever think about my bottom bracket once installed. is there a tire brand that fits the nucleons better than others...thats easier to remove and remount because of shhhhhhhhhhhhh ...flats? THANKS
Phil BBzelig1
Jul 16, 2001 7:17 AM
I have no experience with the either of the Ti axled BB's but have had great long term experience with Phil's steel axled BB's. Since you don't want to mess with your BB once it's installed, why not go with the steel axle? It's only about 60 gr. heavier for an area that is one of the highest stress areas on your bike.

In any case, if you buy a Phil of any model, I'd buy direct from Phil at due to the many axle length/taper combinations available. Don't forget you need an installation tool for the rings. Also make sure that they include the installation directions and the loctite for the rings. Their customer service, on line or by phone is top notch. As you know, they don't make Shimano spline or ISIS axles but given your Nucleon question, its probably not relevant.