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Campagnolo Nucleon Wheels -- Please share your experiences(5 posts)

Campagnolo Nucleon Wheels -- Please share your experiencesYellow
Jul 15, 2001 1:18 PM
I'm building my first new bike in years (Colnago C40 or CT1), and would like to have only 1 set of wheels. I've considered Record hubs with Mavic CXP-33, probably with Sapim or DT DB/Aero spokes, but I know that the upgrade bug will bite after a while. Eventually, I'll save some $$ by going this route.

Would I be making a mistake if I were to buy these for training (100+ miles/week) and perhaps even racing? I fluctuate between 175 - 180 pounds, and will be riding some good rides in the SF Bay area, which has fairly decent paved roads.

I know some opinions were shared some months ago about these wheels, but I'm sure the summer season means that more miles have been put on yours. Still the same sentiments about them?

nucs will work BUTColnagoFE
Jul 16, 2001 7:54 AM
you are on the heavy side for bike stuff ( I weight 195). What I did was to get a bombproof set of cxp33s built w/ 14/15 brass nips 3x with a 36 rear and 32 front. I use these for training wheels and general wheels. I recently got another set of wheels built just for special events, racing, and climbing so I went with 32 spoke open pros w/ revolutions (except for drive side rear) alloy nips etc...I'd never think of using these wheels for everyday, but they work great for special events and are as light as most prebuilt buotique wheels out there...cost was about $300 w/ record hubs. I'd seriously suggest getting some bombproof wheels and then saving up for the Nucs or a good handbuilt set.
re: Campagnolo Nucleon Wheels -- Please share your experiencesKen
Jul 16, 2001 8:22 AM
I've got 2800ks on my C40 with Nukes. I ride the nukes daily. These wheels are bomb proof. I'm a recreational rider who averages 170lbs. Great for daily use. No problems whatsoever.

re: Campagnolo Nucleon Wheels -- Please share your experiencesCliff Oates
Jul 16, 2001 9:55 AM
I've got 2000 miles on a pair of nucs since late February. I weigh 190, also live in the Bay Area, and I am purely a recreational rider. I occasionally ride on rough surfaces (North side of Morgan Territory Road, the Southern approach to Mt. Diablo, cattle guards over in San Antonio Valley) and the wheels are spot on true. Or they were until I crashed last month. The rear wheel is about 2-3mm out of true now, but my LBS is taking care of it (I'm off the bike for a while). They seem to be very robust wheels.
re: Campagnolo Nucleon Wheels -- Please share your experiencesbartali
Jul 17, 2001 8:49 AM
I've got 1200 miles on my 2001 Nukes. I ride over 100 miles per week and I weigh 180 lbs. They are light, stiff and VERY true. I would recommend them to just about anybody. Go for it.